Blending with Blinn!

Blending with Blinn was an event hosted at Blinn College. The purpose of the event was to inform Blinn students about the process of transferring to Texas A&M University. We had two panels. The University Panel and Student Panel gave the students and parents information about the transferring process and also about how to prepare for the upcoming year. This event was organized by the following organizations: First-Generation College Student Organization, Bilingual Education Student Organization, and Council for Minority Student Affairs.


BESO enjoyed serving the community by welcoming students and families as they came into the event. We learned that it is important to provide hospitality to people in order to engage them. Our guests felt comfortable, welcomed, and they had a great experience. During this process, BESO members learned about the importance of structure and planning. This event required several meetings and communication among the steering committee, in between meetings. But we learned the value bring thourougly prepared. We extend a specail thank you to Jose Luis Zelaya, the co-advisor, for this guidance in how to do all this. Finally, BESO noticed that we can have an impact in the community and the lives of others simply by making information accessible.