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So you are interested in becoming a future Aggie Bilingual Teacher. I hope that you had a chance to visit our “Why Bilingual” page to learn more about the profession, job prospects, and what some districts are paying.

We know that you will find the field of bilingual education to be very rewarding. Well, let’s help you learn more and ingress into our undergraduate program.

First of all, this may be confusing and I hope to clarify things for you. Bilingual Education is not a degree in itself. In our program you will receive a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and you will be put forth for certification as a bilingual teacher (as you complete the degree and pass your certification exams). With this degree and certification route, you will be able to teach in five (PK-6) classroom settings: Bilingual, Dual Language Spanish-side, Dual Language English side, ESL, and General Education. Amazing, right!

Learn more in this video:

So if you are a future freshman student, a transfer student, or a change of major student, please visit here to learn more about Undergraduate Admissions process.

If you have questions related to advising, please visit here.

And while you are at it, send me an email letting me know that you are starting the application process. We will be holding information sessions, like Google Hangouts and Webniars and Campus Visits, that you and your parents will find useful. Plus, I want to see if we can help you in any way. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you. Below is my email. You can also email Jose Luis Zelaya, he also loves helping students become Aggies.

 Walichowski (8)

Dr. Miranda F. Walichowski
Undergraduate Coordinator
Texas A&M University
107 J Harrington Tower
College Station, Texas 77843
Email: m-walichowski@tamu.edu
Main Office: 979-845-2599 or Direct Line: 979-862-4612


Jose Luis

Jose Luis Zelaya
Graduate Assistant for EPSY Leanring Community & BIED Recruitment
100 Harrington Tower
College Station, Texas 77843
Email: joseluis1987@tamu.edu
Main Office: 979-845-2599


If you want information about graduate programs in Educational Psychology, Bilingual Education, please visit here. 

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