Motivating and Inspiring Students – BESO Elementary School Career Fair

On January 30, 2015, the Bilingual Education Student Organization (BESO) held the 2nd annual Elementary School Career Fair at South Knoll Elementary (College Station ISD). This was a service learning project. The officers and members of BESO served as liaisons and facilitators in a partnership between professionals in the community and a local elementary school.

BESO members were able to apply what they are learning in their education courses. As future teachers-to-be they know that it is important to foster partnerships between communities and schools. However, what that looks like and facilitating that partnership is something that they did not have experience in doing.

The professionals and community leaders who participated in the event, visited several classrooms to speak about the importance of education, having educational aspirations, setting goals, graduating from high school, and attending college. These individuals also spoke about the challenges, obstacles, and successes that they encountered as young children to the present. The guest speakers gave students an overview on what a day in their professional life looks like.

We had wonderful feedback from the students at South Knoll. One student said to one of our speakers: “I want to be just like you when I grow up.”

We are immensely grateful to all of our speakers. The speakers were:


David Waxman (Assistant Director, Media Relations at Texas A&M Athletics)

Nancy Contreras (Business Consultant)


Roy Lopez (Senior Regional Advisor, Division of Academic Affairs, Office of Admissions
Texas A&M University)


Vanessa Lies (Doctoral Student in Urban Education at Texas A&M)


Katerin Meza (Ms. Bryan/College Station Latina, Model, and Nursing Student at Blinn College)

Meza (2)

Jacob Cobb (Medical Student at Texas A&M)


Jose Carrillo and Arturo Lara (Graduate and Undergraduate Students at Texas A&M)






Officer Butler (College Station Police Department)



Alfredo Garcia (Graduate Student at Texas A&M)


Felipe Hinojosa (Assistant Professor, History Deptartment at Texas A&M)


Edith Pequeño (Academic Advisor/Faculty Member at Blinn College)


Victoria Carter (Doctoral Student in Urban Education at Texas A&M)



Kevin Jones (soon to be Doctoral Student in Urban Education at Texas A&M)



Gabriella Castillo (Political Science Student at Texas A&M)



Jose Luis Zelaya (Keynote speaker, Doctoral Student in Urban Education at Texas A&M, Founder “I AM College Material)


Please contact us if you are interested in having this event at your school. The Bilingual Education Student Organization (BESO) would love to come and provide a program that truly motivates and inspires. And we promise that it will be much fun.