Why Bilingual

There are sundry reasons why you are smart to consider a career in bilingual education with Texas A&M.


  • Given the current demographic trends the demand for teachers who can work with linguistically and culturally diverse population is increasing.
  • Some researchers suggest that the teacher has the greatest impact on student learning and student success. Teachers DO make a difference…some say that ONE good teacher makes all the difference!
  • Our graduates can teach in 5 areas! These areas are PK-6 bilingual, mainstream education, dual language Spanish-side, dual language English-side, and ESL.
  • Graduates from our program have had 100% employment. Many students have positions before they even complete their student teaching semester.
  • Our graduates qualify for bilingual stipends provided by most districts because bilingual teaches are considered teachers working in a high-need area. Stipends can range from $3,000 to $10,000.
  • Our bilingual teachers have a competitive starting salary. Some districts are starting bilingual teachers at over $50,000.
  • Graduates from our program stay in the teaching field almost twice as long as other teachers. This is because teachers from our program are well-prepared. They know the nature of teaching before they teach on their own.


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